Austrian Power Line use UAV for power-line inspections

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How a UAV inspects power-lines: International energy companies are facing inspection challenges. This is what I came to learn whilst undergoing research for The Commercial UAV Show.
When querying what these issues were, top responses demonstrated the need for better quality inspection data and a reduction in the amount of time it takes to conduct an inspection and hence a reduction in deactivating power. However, the momentous reply was the need to increase the safety of company employees whilst conducting inspections.
I have discovered that an increasing amount of European energy companies are looking towards UAVs as a solution for these challenges, although some are more pro-active than others.
The Austrian Power Grid started to trial the use of a UAV last summer after signing up with a German manufacturer. APG have spoken out about the many ways that they will be reaping the benefits of employing a UAV whilst providing a better service for their customers.
It is clear to me that the numerous capabilities that UAVs boast are beneficial for energy companies. However, I am still wondering if there is a limit on UAV benefits for such organisations whilst the regulation remains in its current restrictive state.
Does anyone work for an energy company that utilises UAVs? I would be keen to learn further whether current commercial UAV regulation an issue or not!

For more information on APG’s UAV click here for the full report by Gary Mortimer at sUAS NEWS

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