UAVs Are The Future For Oil And Gas

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UAVs growing presence in the Oil and Gas sector: The wide spread existence of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in the commercial space is coming increasingly obvious.  Articles referencing the use of commercial and civilian UAV operations have become a daily occurrence. Media coverage of such projects range from conservation teams using UAVs to help tackle the threat of poachers, to international, blue chip companies launching their own experimental trails.

One frequently referenced industry exploiting the numerous potentials of  commercial UAVs is the Oil and Gas Sector. With big name companies such as Shell, BP and ConocoPhillips having been recently quoted on the benefits they have discovered in applying UAVs to numerous missions including pipeline monitoring.

Recent work has also revealed that UAVs potential role in the Oil and Gas sector seems to be limitless. It has been forecast that increasing amounts of energy companies will rent or buy UAVs for operations such as safety checks, live flare inspections, offshore leak detection and surveillance.

Need another reason to use a UAV as an energy provider?  One major benefit noted here is the simple fact that they are safer. Deploying a UAV is much safer for employees as it means no longer needing to send men into dangerous scenarios. Past successful operations have also shown that the technology can also get the job done quicker and with less disruption – to a working rig, for example.

Can anyone else think of other obvious benefits that spring to mind when putting UAVs in the oil and gas sector?

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