SUNNY: The ‘UAVs for EU Border Security’ Project

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The SUNNY project is investigating UAV technology to help improve border surveillance activities on Europe’s external borders. I thought this was a perfect example of how civilian UAVs are looking to be developed to protect the public in European countries from illegal activities such as drug smuggling.

SUNNY is a European research project, part funded by the European Commission. The project has been launched to help achieve European Border Surveillance System (EUROSUR) objectives, with a main aim of developing interoperable technical capabilities for the detection of tracking small vessels.

Project Co-ordinator Rory Doyle has highlighted some present surveillance challenges. Such as, the huge scale and remoteness of some land and sea borders; that are hard for national authorities to effectively patrol. He is quoted to state that the work achieved at the SUNNY project, mainly improving sensor and data transmission capabilities, will help to overcome such challenges.

SUNNY is supported by eighteen partners and will run for 42 months. Key developments accomplished by the project will include the ability to collect real-time information for surveillance operations whilst improving efficiency and reducing border security costs.

There is a lot of ground to be covered and many questions remain surrounding how UAVs carrying sophisticated sensors will be deployed in various scenarios, as the project is in its early stages.  How do you envisage civilian UAVs will stop boats in the sea non-lethally?

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