UAVs as new tool for precision agriculture on UK Farms

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UAVs help out UK Farms: Farmers dreams are coming true after UAVs are highlighted as the newest tool for precision agriculture.

Unmanned aerial vehicles are enabling farmers to capture high resolution data of their land. This data facilitates greater understanding of their plants health and crop growth rate. Highlighted  advantages of implementing UAVs onto farms include; driving better performance and thus results from a farmers field.

URSULA Agriculture are currently working on how UAVs can be used to detect crop disease and UAVs are already in use on UK farms including, Thurlow Estate Farms; who have spoken out about the positive impact they have made.

Mr Andrew Crossley, Farm Director of Thurlow Estate Farms provides an informative over view on UAVs positive role in agriculture, for both small and large farms; where he foresees a future where farmers would invest in drones.

To read the original article from Farmers Weekly click here

Picture: Nikky Stephen on Flickr

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