UAVs aid new survey techniques for open pit mines

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Lightweight UAVs have emerged as a new and very effective solution for mine surveyors when it comes to cutting costs without hindering accuracy.  So far, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles have proved themselves in the mining industry, in effectively reducing hefty surveying bills and are used frequently for techniques such as aerial triangulation.

UAVs are stated to provide mine surveyors with a quick and easy means of mapping large areas, with rotary wing platforms proving exceptionally helpful, as no run away is necessary with their vertical take off and landing capabilities.

The platforms are set up to accurately follow  pre-planned routes via auto pilot capabilities, the advantages here are two-fold. Firstly, diminishing potential crashes at the mining pits and secondly minimizing the need for high level operator training.

It is clear that UAVs are helping to soften the financial blow of frequent and necessary mine surveys. However, there is still room for improvement, namely sensor development, when it comes to hitting of all of a mine surveyor’s ultimate requirements.

Whilst a UAV boasts rapid surveying times, it provides a lower resolution of detail and the data output process can be quite lengthy post-flight. It seems that to get a fully comprehensive survey it would be best to combine UAVs with more original and standardized techniques.

This is the information I have found thus far, but I could be wrong. Has anyone else heard of UAV sensor and payload developments that are enhancing mine surveys across the globe?

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