Ohio UAV start up ‘Drone Research, Inc.’ begins operations

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drone research inc

Drone Research, Inc. a newly formed Ohio nonprofit will soon begin operations with Ashley Krutko heading up the board as CEO.

Krutko is a Capital University graduate with a major in Environmental Science and a minor in Geology. Krutko says the organisations mission is simple and as follows:

Drone Research, Inc.’s mission is to share knowledge of building and using low-cost unmanned aerial vehicles (Drones) for conservation, agriculture, environmental research, disaster, and search and rescue with researchers/nonprofits organizations worldwide. Drone Research, Inc. works closely with all groups to help them understand the use of drones for their particular applications and/or purposes. Drone Research, Inc. also works with children with disabilities allowing them a chance to fly and explore without leaving the ground.

Drone Research, Inc. will be working in three areas:

  • Farming – Drone Research, Inc. will offer farmers free aerial views and photos of their growing areas
  • Missing persons – saving costs on resources such as helicopters and volunteers
  • Working with disabled children – UAVs are equipped with special goggles that give the pilot and others a First Person View, giving them the chance to see the world from above

“Although we are a new nonprofit, we are ready to help many people and nonprofit environmental groups,” says Krutko.

Drone Research Inc. are looking for donations and volunteers.

Find out more on their website here > or email Ashley Krutko at Ashleyceo@droneresearch.org

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