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Interview: How UAVs are making a positive impact in agriculture and precision farming

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Simon Blackmore, Harper Adams University – UAV Insights – Agriculture and precision farming

Our UAV interview series is designed to give insight into use of UAVs and how they can benefit specific sectors.

The first in the series is with Simon Blackmore, Head of Engineering at Harper Adams University and we discuss UAV use in agriculture and precision farming.

Download the interview here >

In the interview we discuss:

  • How long Professor Blackmore has been conducting research on UAVs
  • Positive differences commercial UAVs are making on the agricultural sector
  • Challenges in integrating commercial UAVs onto UK farms
  • Targets for the next 10 years
  • The future potential of UAVs as the best new tool for precision farming
  • Which payload technology should be developed and how it would be used in precision farming

Download your copy here >

Professor Blackmore will be joining us at the Commercial UAV Show discussing UAV use in agriculture as part of a panel sessions on which market across the industry sectors has the most potential need for UAV use.

Find out more about the show and how you can get involved by following the banner below.

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