House of Lords launch civil UAV inquiry

House of Lords launch civil UAV inquiry

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The House of Lords is holding an inquiry into civil UAV use in the UK with the final report due in March 2015.

The House of Lords are aiming to determine whether the conditions are right for the technology to have wide spread use, addressing any questions that UAV use brings up.

Calling for submissions as written and oral evidence is gathered, the Lords EU subcommittee are looking into many unanswered questions including questions on their safety, privacy, economic benefits and the European industry in relation to other parts of the world.

Baroness O’Cathain, the committee’s chair, acknowledges the the sharp rise in civilian use of UAVs, calling it “staggering”. In the UK alone the number of permissions granted for the civilian use of UAVs in congested areas shot up by forty times in 2013 compared to 2006.

“With this increase comes a raft of issues that need to be addressed, such as whether safety considerations are and should be standard across Europe and whether they need to be changed; the issue of correct controls being in place to protect European citizens’ privacy and data; and if the European industry can become a global leader. Nevertheless, we must remember that too much regulation too early will kill off the industry in its infancy.”

It’s clear that this game changing technology will dramatically change many industries and the UK and EU mustn’t be left behind.

The deadline for submission of evidence is the 19th September 2014. Find out more here.

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