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Interview: How motion imagery systems assist data collection in commercial UAV applications

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2D3 Sensing – Motion imagery systems and metadata – UAV Insights

Our UAV interview series is designed to give insight into use of UAVs and how they can benefit specific sectors.

Next in the series is with 2D3 Sensing, a technology leader specialising in the processing, exploitation and dissemination of motion imagery and metadata. We discuss how motion imagery can help situational awareness and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance mission results.

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In the interview we discuss:

  • How long 2D3 sensing have been in the market
  • Which sectors they cover
  • How motion imagery systems assist data collection and output for commercial UAV applications
  • Their most recent projects and end results
  • Future technological innovations

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2D3 Sensing will be exhibiting at the Commercial UAV Show this October. Join them and other big names at the event including BBC, FAA and Medair. Follow the banner below to register for the free exhibition.

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