dronevertising Russia UAV drone

Dronevertising agency Hungry Boys takes off in Moscow

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dronevertising Russia UAV drone

Russian creative agency Hungry Boys are promoting dronevertising as their latest service, promising a game changing way to how things are done.

Hungry Boys, known for their unconventional methods of communication, used 10 drones (or UAVs) to fly real life banner ads in the financial district of Moscow. The ads were displayed during lunchtime to advertise for Wokker, a chinese takeaway restaurant.

This is the first sighting of dronvertising in Russia but of course, not the first time a restaurant has used UAVs to spread the word. Dodo Pizza, a Russian pizza shop used their Dodo drone to deliver pizzas to hungry customers. Watch the results in the video from D&S Media Group.

As Russia seems to be moving ahead with drone delivered advertising, the list of food and UAV related stunts is ever growing. From beer to sushi, cake to tacos – food delivery is the friendliest way to gain good UAV publicity. See the full list of our favourite delightful drone deliveries here. 

While most think digital banner ads are becoming redundant, it seems physical banner ads are filling their space. Philadelphia based Dronecast have been using UAVs since April despite disapproval from the FAA. In India, UAVs are being used to fly banners promoting political candidates during election season.

What do you think? Is dronvertising the future? Is food just the beginning?

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