UAVs will be the future tools for conservation projects

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conservation talks about the use of UAVs for conservation projects in a recent interview.

Co-Founder and ecologist Lian Pin Koh has spoken out about work with UAVs in their bid to further aid conversation efforts around the world.

When ConservationDrones started working with UAVs, their efforts were not initially viewed as such a viable research method. However, they have noticed over the recent months a huge increase in interest, with many academics and research institutes now starting to understand the value that these platforms provide.

In Lian’s interview he discusses at length the seemingly endless benefits that UAVs can provide conservation researchers with. One clear advantage, is that of safety. Many projects are conducted within conflict zones and/or in areas frequently visited by poachers. Using UAVs means that it takes researchers out of these potentially dangerous scenarios, whilst still gathering the necessary data.

Further key advantages of UAVs include, reaching usually inaccessible areas and conducting the research at a much lower cost.

Lian and his colleagues at, are not only accomplishing great work with UAVs but also training others to do the same. Lian points out that they mainly work with NGO’s and academics and most recently helped train staff at WWF and also some of the local government agencies in Nepal.

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