European Commission EU initiative UAVs RPAS

European Commission initiative explores civil use of UAVs

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European Commission EU initiative UAVs RPAS

A new European Commission initiative will explore the civil use of UAVS in more detail as the industry continues to grow

As aviation tech, and more specifically unmanned vehicles, continue to develop, their opportunities for use also advance. Although the benefits are clear in delivering services, creating jobs and encouraging economic growth, the topic stirs public debate and questions about how the technology will be regulated with public interest in mind.

UAVs are being used in agriculture, charity, conservation, emergency services, infrastructure, logistics, media, mining and oil and gas just to name a few sectors. Yet the extent of these services and use of UAVs raises issues of safety, security and privacy.

With this in mind, the European Commission intends to develop an initiative to regulate the use of UAVs. This could introduce European rules supporting the objectives to give the industry space and freedom needed and to ensure rights and interests of EU citizens are protected.

The questionnaire asks for:

  • Respondents profile
  • Expected market development
  • Problems to be addressed
  • Problem causes
  • Policy objectives
  • Policy options and measures
  • Impacts of policy options

Results will feed into the Commission impact assessment which will accompany a possible policy initiative on RPAS (remotely piloted aircraft systems).

Access the questionnaire here >

The Commercial UAV Show brings together all stakeholders from the industry to discuss how UAVs are currently being used and what the future holds for UAV use. Representatives from the European Commission will be joining us at the event this October.

The exhibition is free to attend. Follow the banner below to find out more information and to register.

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