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Disney files for commercial UAV patents

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disney UAV drone

Walt Disney Co applies for commercial UAV patents: It has been revealed that Disney have recently filed three patents for commercial UAVs to be used at their U.S theme park.

But they may have to join the queue, as a whole host of american companies are currently pushing the U.S government to approve commercial UAV use. Although nothing will happen until the FAA have finalised their rules for commercial UAV use across all sectors. With media, logistics and agriculture leading the way as key industries looking to implement UAVs into their business models.

Disney has put forward several applications that they wish to use UAVs for. The most prominent being to facilitate Disney character air shows, which would provide an alternative to their long standing and infamous firework displays. Commercial UAVs are predicted to provide new possibilities for such air shows, those which traditional hot air balloons used in past displays, do not have the grace or flexibility to do so.

The UAVs will be pre-programmed, fly in conjunction and be controlled by a pilot on the ground. They will have the capability to track one another to prevent any mid-air collisions in the event of possible windy weather conditions.

On paper, this sounds like an amazing new addition to the Disney experience. Lets hope we get to see the plan in action over the next few years!

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