#drones4good drone UAV Richard Branson Necker Island Virgin

UAV allows sneak peek into Richard Branson’s Necker Island getaway

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#drones4good drone UAV Richard Branson Necker Island Virgin

Ever the forward thinker and philanthropist, Richard Branson is now powering #drones4good and in his most recent video shows us a UAV perspective on Necker Island.

Branson discusses the potential drones have with Chris Anderson, co-founder of 3D robotics who brought him 6 drones to have a go with.

One of the main points they discuss is conservation and rhino poaching in particular.  Over the last 40 years 95% of the world’s rhinos have been lost. This year more than 400 rhinos have been poached in Kruger and as a result, rhinos are being airlifted away from Kruger National Park in South Africa because of the continuing threat from poaching.

We’ve discussed UAVs and their potential in conservation before. UAVs are a more affordable option to cover vast spaces like Kruger National Park and prevent animal extinction through poaching.

Watch Branon and Anderson’s conversation on the Necker Island getaway below:

Read more about Virgin Unite’s #drones4good campaign here.

We at Totally Unmanned are champions of #drones4good

9 delightful UAV deliveries, How UAVs are making a positive impact in agriculture and precision farming and our E-Book of commercial applications for UAVs are just some of our drones for good pieces.

What do you think? Is the perception of UAVs or drones changing?

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