uav, unmanned aerial vehicles, fireworks, skyfall, niagara falls, media, drone

3 Cool Clips Filmed By Drone Technology

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uav, unmanned aerial vehicles, fireworks, skyfall, niagara falls, media, drone

UAV drones used to film Skyfall, fireworks and Niagara Falls

A lot of the current debate about UAV technology revolves around the morality of its use. When people hear ‘drones’, they usually think of how militaries utilise the technology i.e. surveillance and weaponry. If it isn’t that, they’re probably thinking about Star Wars.

However, recent developments have focused more on the potential moral uses for UAVs. Rescue missions, reconnaissance for natural disasters, and airdrops of food and medicine are all ways that drones can be used for good rather than evil.

What debates like these fail to address are the more… trivial applications of drone technology.

Here are 3 awesome video clips that were filmed by UAVs:

The motorbike chase scene from Skyfall

It shouldn’t be long before drones revolutionise the film-making industry. Directors in the U.S. (yes, even Sam Mendes) currently have to arrange a one-time deal with authorities every time they want to use a drone in their productions. However, this rule may well change as the popularity of UAVs increases.

A Firework Display

The beauty of this footage is breathtaking. It was filmed using a DJI Phantom 2 with a Go Pro Hero 3 silver addition camera attached.

Niagara Falls

And the beauty doesn’t stop at fireworks. Again filmed using a DJI Phantom, this UAV allows Niagara Falls to be shown in its full majesty.

If you are interested in the potential media applications of UAV technology, you should register now for a free place at The Commercial UAV Show, happening in London on the 21-22 of October 2014.

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