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UAVs are a journalist’s new best friend

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journalist uav drone media

Commercial UAVs are offering their services to many industries and now this helpful technology is proving its worth with journalists too.

Despite the legal and regulatory uncertainty surrounding commercial UAV use, the platforms have been used in journalism since 2011; when the Daily News Corp newspaper flew camera-bearing UAVs across Alabama to capture the aftermath of tornado devastation. Ever since, UAVs have proven their worth as the newest and most convenient tool a journalist can have. UAVs are attractive to the journalist community for numerous reasons, below are a few of the key reasons why:

Vantage Point: UAVs provide the flexibility to capture imagery that would be previously very hard to access, as they offer a wider variety of  possible vantage points.

Cost: In the current day, a small UAV can be airborne for 15minutes of recording time and cost the journalist $300. This is a huge difference in comparison to the cost of deploying a helicopter and its operational team, at which costs $1,000 per operation.

Safety: Using a UAV means you can take the man out of the field. Which is especially important when reporting on natural disasters or in dangerous environments.

This also makes live on-scene reporting possible, when it is sometimes too risky to place a journalist on the scene.

To learn more about the advantages that UAVs are offering the media, hear from the BBC World Services Global video unit and The Telegraph at The Commercial UAV Show 2014 in October!

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