DHL parcelcopter drone UAV

DHL launch ‘parcelcopter’ for medicine deliveries

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DHL parcelcopter drone UAV

DHL have announced the launch of their first UAV dubbed the ‘parcelcopter’, which will provide a medicine delivery service to the island of Juist

The logistics company reported that the parcelcopter’s flight was the first time a UAV has flown out of an operator’s visual line of sight in a real-life operation within Europe.

The flight was approved after a restricted area was organised with German federal officials, with plans for all of the parcelcopter’s flights to take off from the Norddeich harbour.

DHL were pleased to announce the project has progressed after initial plans for the platform started in December 2013. However, spokesmen added that no plans have been proposed for regular parcel deliveries just yet, stating; “To the extent that it is technically feasible and economically sensible, the use of parcelcopters to deliver urgently needed goods to thinly populated or remote areas or in emergencies is an interesting option for the future”.

Currently, the parcelcopter can carry loads up to 1.2kg and travel at speeds up to 18 meters per second at a maximum height of 50 meters, dependent on the weather conditions.

Amazon and Google have also been widely reported to be developing their own UAV delivery service. However, the FAA has put a stop to any take-off’s over in the US as they are yet to finalise regulation.

The DHL’s break-through medicine delivery service is an exciting step forward for the use of commercial UAVs in the logistics sector, to learn more about the advances in the commercial UAV industry, join us at The Commercial UAV Show this October at London Olympia:

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