SHARK drone UAVs to prevent animal cruelty

SHARK: How a charity uses UAVs to prevent animal cruelty

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SHARK drone UAVs to prevent animal cruelty

SHARK is a non profit organisation that uses UAVs to prevent animal cruelty by capturing videos of illegal animal cruelty in the states

At the Commercial UAV Show this week, SHARK’s Vice President, Mike Kobliska told audiences how they use UAVs to prevent animal cruelty.

The aim of capturing and recording this sort of abhorrent behaviour is to use social media to shame these people allowing the cruelty and abuse to take place. Once documented, the incriminating videos are sent to the specific authorities to bring charges against them and stop the animal cruelty taking place in the future.

They are restricted by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and have to operate below 400 feet. Other restrictions are also in place as some states have banned UAV use such as California and Idaho due to concerns about privacy being breached if they residents were filmed without their knowledge or permission.

SHARK use HD recording equipment and an example of their work has been on pigeon shooting in Pennsylvannia where it is seen as a sport. However, due to the restrictions it is becoming more challenging for organisations like SHARK to continue their work, hence the imprtance now placed on using UAV’s.

Pigeon shooters became more crafty as people tried to uncover their illegal activities. They built walls around shooting areas so they were hidden from the outside and shot in hard to reach areas such as rivers, making it difficult to gather evidence. Now UAVs overcome the majority of their cover up methods.

The culprits burn tyres (which is illegal in America) to disguise that they were disposing of pigeons, breaking two laws instead of one. The main problem seems to be that the FAA is confused over what laws there are – what is legal and what isn’t and what applies in each state. Idaho’s law bans the use of drones which will cause them difficulties which may result in them being arrested.

But what do you think? Should UAVs to prevent animal cruelty be included on the banned UAV list? Does this way of using them come under a different category?

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Author: Amy Noonan, Marketing Executive, Terrapinn

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