Interview: Challenges in integrating UAVs into Police operations

Interview: Challenges in integrating UAVs into Police operations

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Dawn Huckson, Runway Protection Team at Gatwick Airport, Sussex Police spoke with us about how she and her team use UAVs

What positive influences and differences are commercial UAVs currently making in your sector?

The use of UAVs within the emergency services offers the opportunity to conduct a number of tasks in a safer and more efficient manner.

The obvious and immediate benefits are being able to achieve quick real time imagery from hostile or challenging environments without the need to send in ground personnel or manned aircraft.

Have there been any challenges in integrating commercial UAVs into your organisation?

The emergency services have to be able to prove the cost effectiveness of using UAVs due to the fact that the organisations are funded from the public purse.

To that end, it is imperative that manufacturers can live up to the claims made regarding the systems and capabilities that they are selling .

As operators we can face unique and challenging operating environments, understanding and educating people regarding the benefits and current limitations of the technology is our biggest challenge at this time.

What are you hoping to achieve with the use of UAVs in the next 5-10 years?

The integration ofUAVs into everyday deployments to provide enhanced operational benefits and a safer working environment for emergency services personnel. This will be achieved by stringent legislation and training in the use of UAVs as well as the development of cheaper and more capable technology.

What payload technology would you like to see further developed for UAVs and how would this benefit your organisation?

There are many payload options that would enhance the emergency services day to day work. These include accurate and fast 3D modelling for crime and crash scenes, remote air sensing for chemical and biological incidents, and a microphone for use in disaster or disorder situations.

What do you think about entering UAVs into Police operations? Dawn joined us at this year’s Commercial UAV Show in London. Find out more about the show on our website:

Dawn ran a round table at the Commercial UAV Show on Mapping, crime scene reconstruction, search and rescue with UAS. Read more here >

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