DJI Inspire 1 : What the coolest drone around looks like

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DJI Inspire 1: The most “bad-ass” yet user friendly drone is here

“Redefining what it means to take to the sky and fly, the DJI Inspire 1 is the most advanced ready-to-fly system for everyone. Packed with the latest technology in photography, videography, and flight, this all-in-one platform empowers you to create stunning footage for any use.”

Cue photography geeks drooling over the sweeping shots and high quality imagery. In glorious full width video view with no dramatic music spared, Philip Bloom, Director of Photography walks us through the new DJI Phantom and it’s capabilities.

Here are some of the key features:

  • Lightweight body
  • Smart fly controller
  • Carbon fibre arms
  • 360 degree view, built in stabilised camera
  • 4K camera that can capture up to 12 megapixel cameras
  • 9 element lens
  • Adobe DNG support
  • Comprehensive mobile app
  • Dual operator control – one person flies, the other controls the camera
  • Vision positioning system

What do you think? With a price tag that’s knocking on £2000, you’ve got to as yourself – do you really need it or is it just too awesome.

Find out more about the DJI Phantom 1 on their website.

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