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The International Anti Poaching Foundation are using drones to take down Africa’s poachers

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Africa’s poachers need to watch their backs now The International Anti Poaching Foundation are using UAVs to catch them

The International Anti Poaching Foundation’s mission is “Wildlife conservation through direct action”. The charity tackles the shortfall of anti-poaching tactics that have not changed in decades while poachers methods have evolved, often utilising military tactics to kill high target species.

The IAPF UAV program is run by a team of three – Ian Mackenzie-Ross: Program Manager, Simon Beart: Technical Manager and David Hobby: Testing and Operations Lead. All based in Australia, the team works together with a wide range of technical experience.

So why do they want drones?

While achieving results without drones, poachers are operating in remote, dangerous and inaccessible areas. People targeting these poachers are put at risk as they operate armed and often in gangs. Locating and disrupting the poachers is made difficult by terrain, the size of the areas they cover and a lack of assets on the ground – all of which a drone will have no problem with. Covering larger areas, providing night vision images and locating at risk animals with a drone means people aren’t put at risk and poaching can be better managed and prevented.

Although effective and inexpensive compared to helicopters and other modes of transport, the UAVs are not cheap. Payload equipment and sensors are needed along with the software to analyse the data collected.

If you want to donate to the IAPF, visit their website.

Find out more about the project here.

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