Building affordable UAVs with 3D printing

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Following International Anti-Poaching Foundation (IAPF)’s mission on “Wildlife conservation through direct action”, the Wildlife Conservation Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Challenge (wcUAVc), a worldwide innovative competition  has come out with innovative idea on creating low cost, affordable, reliable, and autonomous drones to save the rhino: Building  affordable UAV with 3D printing

The recorded number of rhino poached in South Africa has increased from 13 to 1116 within 7 years from 2007. It is believed that endangered wildlife like rhinoceros can be more effectively protected with an unblinking watching eye on sky instead deploying rangers which may be potentially dangerous and consume more funds.  

Join us at The Commercial Unmanned Show Asia 2015 to learn from Simon Beart, Technical development manager from IAPF on building low cost UAV for antipoaching of Rhino. Growing up in South Africa, Simon has strong strong passion and affinity with its fiona and fiona. As an environmentalist and an engineer, he believes in conserving the nature as he “will not allow children to grow up in a world in which he stood by and did nothing, when he could have done something about it.”


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