UMVs to search for AirAsia QZ8501

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The first of Jan is definitely not a great start of 2015 for at least 100 families from Singapore  and Indonesia. 155 passengers who were on board on the AirAsia Flight, QZ8501 went missing on 28th December 2014. This international flight was scheduled to transport passengers from Surabaya, Indonesia to Singapore. Hours after it has disappeared from the radar, Indonesia authority  announced its speculation on the likelihood of this ill-fated flight to have crashed into the Java Sea due to bad weather.

The monsoon has also hampered the search for the lost AirAsia flight, QZ8501. Since the disappearance of QZ8501, unmanned marine vehicles (UMVs) have been deployed to aid divers in hope to search for survivors before it was too late. On 7th Jan 2015, the search and rescue team has found the tail section of the plane. Up to date, 40 bodies have been recovered from this SAR effort.

Unmanned technologies have continuously benefited human population by performing routine jobs which require high endurance and long working hour at extreme precision. Beside the search for lost planes, unmanned vehicles have also been used for disaster relief in tsunami strike region such as Philippines and prevention of flood in Thailand. You may want to check out on The Commercial Unmanned Show Asia 2015 to find out more on how these handy tools can be used for good purposes in benefiting the human society.

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