Top 50 most influential individuals in Asia’s UAS industry

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With the lack of regulations to monitor the usage of civil UAVs, it is difficult for the UAS industry to reach its fullest potential. As a result, European regulators are working closely together to spearhead the global initiatives in setting guidelines and regulations for RPAS. Pioneer efforts by these international regulators inspire the development of UAV regulations and industry in Asia.

Various efforts and stakeholders have been involved in promoting the usage of UAV/RPAS globally, including the top 50 most influential individuals mentioned in this ebook. Development of global UAV would not be possible without the influence of the featured individuals. Many of the people highlighted will be joining us at The Commercial UAV Show Asia 2015 in Singapore this 30th June to 1st July.

This non-exhaustive list serves as a light platform for your understanding on the Asia’s UAS industry.

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P.S. One of the major applications of UAVs is increasing the efficiency of mining operations. If you wish to find out more on the top leaders in mining industry, do feel free to download the ebook on Top 50 most influential individuals in Asia’s mining industry here.





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