Spherical rescue drone for chaotic environments

Spherical rescue drone for chaotic environments

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Crisis Response Journal reports when a powerful explosion causes buildings to collapse and ignites a fire that spreads within minutes to neighbouring buildings, firefighters and rescue workers need all the help they can get. At times, owing to intense flames and heat, firefighters must withdraw from buildings on fire and mount an offensive from the outside.

This leaves the possibility of having people trapped inside without firefighters being aware of the dire circumstances. Thanks to Flyability, a company dedicated to building drones, this will not be a problem for much longer.

Flyability has designed the Gimball, a spherical rescue drone that can manoeuvre in buildings by bouncing off walls and rolling down stairs. The Gimball is designed to collide with obstacles, using them to find its way around indoors and to navigate complex environments.

The current model being prepared for production is not designed to withstand intense flames and high temperatures, but the team behind the concept says its ultimate goal is to produce one specifically tailored for emergency situations. Flyability was recently awarded with $1 million for further research and development of the world’s first collision-proof drone.

In the meantime we are left with our imagination on the infinite possibilities of, as Gizmodo called it: “This spherical rescue drone (that) is straight out of Star Wars.”

Source: Crisis Response Journal Ramin Bajoghli and Ian Portelli

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