Humanitarian UAVs provide support for Nepal earthquake

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Andrew Schroeder, Director of research and analysis at Direct Relief has been featured on news article on his work in adopting UAV for Nepal earthquake disaster relief. As the chair of UAV working group at Nethope, an NGO consortium, Andrew and his team has been working with other private UAV teams, such as iRevolutions led by Patrick Meier, for SAR activities in this disaster which killed at least more than a dozen of people.

Affordable small UAVs attached with several sensors are capable in providing high resolution imagery. With the almost absolute destruction of the disaster stike area, this handy tool helps the rescue teams to access inaccessible grounds. With appropriate payloads, trained personal, clear policies and established protocols, UAVs has been found useful for saving lives upon the strike of natural forces, such as typhoon Haiyan and most recently the Nepal earthquake.

You may want to find out more on how UAVs have been used in Nepal’s magnitute of 7.8 earthquake from this article.

Andrew will also be sharing his experience in detailed at The Commercial UAV Show Asia 2015 which will be held in Singapore this 30th June to 1st July.

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