Pocket-size drones for reconnaissance and situational awareness

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Crisis Response Journal reports whether it is a rescue mission during natural disaster or a major conflict, emergency and rescue personnel can always use an extra set of eyes to assess the situation safely from above.

Owing to budget constraints, reconnaissance drones are not part of the everyday disaster or incident response arsenal. Yet, as of late, companies large and small have invested heavily in the research and development of small, unmanned aircraft.

Anticipating the use of these aircraft, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) of the United States is expected to announce new regulations for these aircraft. The boom in research and development, coupled with the FAA’s ruling, should favour disaster response teams.

Prox Dynamics, a Norwegian company, has developed a lightweight, yet rugged Personal Reconnaissance System (PRS) that provides rescue team the extra set of eyes needed to assess emergency situations safely. The PD-100 Black Hornet PRS provides 25 minutes of live high-definition video with the bonus ability to capture images.

The PD-100 boasts that it is the first airborne and commercially available PRS that weighs no more than 18 grams (including its cameras!) and can be airborne within one minute. It poses no risk to other aircraft in the vicinity, has a range of more than 1.5km and, therefore, appears to be the ideal tool for disaster response teams, search and rescue units, and non-governmental organisations, whether they are operating in rural or urban settings.

Source: Crisis Response Journal Ramin Bajoghli and Ian Portelli

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