Strat Aero PLC launches UAV service for wind farms

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Strat Aero PLC recently launched a UAV service for wind farm operators. The company has taken its long standing expertise in providing training, management systems and consultancy in the UAV and general aviation sectors to create WindSpect.

WindSpect utilises UAVs to provide an advanced wind turbine inspection service set to save wind farm operators substantial cost savings. Strat Aero has partnered with AirFusion in the creation of Windspect, further increasing their portfolio in providing UAVs for the commercial markets.

UAVs are increasingly being used for inspection and with wind turbines expected lifespan of 20 years, they require a high level of maintenance and regular inspection. Traditionally, such missions are carried out by an official inspector on a rope and harness, who checks for issues such as erosion and cracks. Such a method can be costly, lengthy and is a dangerous task for the inspector themselves.

This is where UAVs showcase their multitude of advantages, by taking men out of the field they are a huge bonus for health and safety whilst completing the task, quicker, cheaper and most importantly more accurately.

Capt Russell Peck, CEO of Strat Aero noted, “We are very excited to be partnering with AirFusion to offer the wind turbine industry this revolutionary solution. As the industry continues to grow, regular inspection and maintenance of blades are becoming critical tools for wind turbine operators. Our collaborative approach provides the industry with the most cost-effective and accurate solution on the market today.”

Strat Aero are exhibiting at The Commercial UAV Show in London this October, come down to learn more about their services and hear from end users who are successfully using UAVs for a range of applications across the commercial markets. Find out how you can get involved here

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