UAV can reduce farming costs and increase yields

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Commercial unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are making a huge impact on global farming processes. Innovations in platforms, sensors and analysis techniques as well as falling costs have made the UAV the new ‘must have’ tool for reducing farming costs and increasing yields through precision agriculture techniques.

Applications such as 3D terrain mapping, crop height assessment, weed detection, drainage assessment, crop statistic evaluations and crop protection are revolutionising the arable and pastoral farming, helping to meet increasing global food demand whilst reducing the environmental impact.

These new efficiencies also extend to water and pest management, reducing the unpredictability of spraying and water contamination as well as impacting on related sectors such as precision viticulture, forest management and urban rooftop farming.

With global populations rising and potential food shortage solutions such as GM still contentious, UAVs offer a realistic path towards a more sustainable agricultural future.

Agriculture is one of the main themes at The Commercial UAV Show 2015 taking place in London.

Key sessions include:

How are ground and aerial robotics revolutionising agricultural activities across the globe?
Dr Richard Green, Head of Precision Farming, National Centre for Precision Farming

  • Sensors for ground and aerial robotics in academic and agricultural data collection
    Andrew Riche, Agronomist & UAV Pilot, Rothamsted Research
  • Tree planting using drones – industrial scale re-forestation
    Lauren Fletcher, CEO, BioCarbon Engineering
  • UAVs in agriculture
    Arif Behic Tekin, Associate Professor, EGE Uni
  • Assessing the value of UAVs for forest management
    Peter Charman, Emergency planning officer, Epping Forest District Council

For the full Commercial UAV Show speaker line up please visit the website and download the programme.

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