UAVs offer safety and cost benefits to Emergency Services

UAVs offer safety and cost benefits to Emergency Services

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Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are having significant impact on Emergency Services  across Europe, specifically fire and police services.

Why have UAVs become so widespread across the UK’s blue-light services?

Cost of platforms

The costs of multi-rotor platforms continues to fall increasing their attraction compared to traditional costly methods of obtaining an aerial perspective on an emergency incident.

Sensors & power systems

The increasing variety and capability of ‘hot-swappable’ sensors alongside weight reductions has facilitated widespread sensor use in blue-light services across Europe.

Sensors applications range from detecting the source and intensity of a fire, victim location and poisonous gas detection. This data can greatly reduce the safety risk to the emergency services, whilst saving precious time identifying the most dangerous zones within a fire and the most efficient means of extinguishing it.

Data analysis

Improvements in data analysis is fueling the uptake of UAVs across Europe. Due to the improved sophistication in sensors capabilities, the process of turning this data into useful and actionable information becomes vital in justifying the costs and operational changes required to maximise the value of UAVs adoption. Blue-light forces across the UK and Europe continue to capitalise as a leading industry in the UAV sector, showing a flexibility to new technologies that has reduced costs and increased efficiencies that are passed directly onto the general public.

Commercial Partnerships

Blue-light services across the UK are leading the way in proactively coordinating a nationwide collaboration with regards to UAV adoption. In addition to cross-regional collaborations, strong ties have been forged with commercial partners, leading in the longer-term to a better understanding of what is required from the blue-light community with regards to platform design and function. Brigades and forces across Europe continue to use the Commercial UAV Show as a vital meeting place in which to re-affirm those ties, and share new ideas and experiences with the wider blue-light community.

Costs, time and safety efficiencies

Gaining a quick and cost effective aerial advantage in a blue-light incidents can save lives, and greatly increase the chance of success in blue-light operations. Current applications identified include fire detection & extinguishing, poisons gas detection, fire source & intensity detection, police surveillance, crowd management, border patrol, HAZMAT and mountain/sea search & rescue. Compared to previous methods of costly, inflexible helicopter use, UAVs will continue to streamline blue-light activities for the benefit of employees and the wider population across Europe.

The most active brigades and forces from across the globe will attending the Commercial UAV Show in October in London to present the results from their recent projects, and update and inform new potential adopters to the time, safety and cost benefits of using UAVs.

The key topics to be covered during the conference and seminar sessions include:

  • How to integrate UAVs into your current blue-light activities, and the benefits of doing so
  • What are the biggest obstacles to UAV adoption for blue light organisations?
  • What impact is current regulation having on UAV blue light activities?
  • What innovations in UAV equipment could allow for new applications in the blue-light sector

Early confirmed attendees include

  • Casper Steenstra, Captain, Dutch Fire Service
  • Thomas Sylvest, Fire & Rescue Captain, Copenhagen Fire Department
  • Dawn Huckson, Runway Protection Team, Gatwick Operations Department, Sussex Police
  • Nick Aldworth, Chief Inspector Operations, Metropolitan Police
  • Niels Morch, Police Inspector, Danish Police Department
  • Michael Valdeth, Security Advisor, Danish Security & Intelligence Service
  • Ricky Fidler, Police Officer, Dorset Police
  • Chris Rainford, Watch Commander, Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service
  • Alec Martin, Station Manager Urban Search and Rescue, Hampshire Fire & Rescue

For the full Commercial UAV Show speaker line up please visit the website and download the programme.

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