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UAVs bring cheap & flexible aerial footage

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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are becoming increasingly common in news media across the globe as a comparatively cheap means of gaining aerial footage of an event or incident. Compared to traditional methods of helicopters or cranes, UAVs offer unrivalled flexibility and manoeuvrability allowing for fast response and easy access to previously unreachable locations and scenarios.

The most popular platform type among media organisations is the smaller multi-rotor, although there is a recent trends towards larger and longer lasting fixed wing applications as well as the introduction of Nano-UAVs for investigative journalism.

Although increasing, UAV use in the media must face a range of challenges to be fit for everyday use. Current regulation limits UAV use in built-up areas or beyond-the-line-of-sight, and the issue of privacy and what constitutes a breach (current UAV capabilities outstrip legal precedents for their surveillance capabilities) continues to prohibit widespread adoption.

Perhaps the most significant facilitator of UAVs in the media has been the innovations in payload capacities and power systems, alongside innovations in camera systems. This trend is set to continue as end-users and manufactures collaborate with beta-prototypes for next generation media-specific UAV solutions.

The Commercial UAV Show brings manufacturers and innovators from across the world together to show off the latest capabilities.

The conference brings together case studies from successful end users and the regulators to outline how UAVs can be used in the future.

For the full Commercial UAV Show speaker line up please visit the website and download the programme. 

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