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Mining companies can achieve considerable cost efficiencies with UAVs

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The security, maintenance and surveillance of infrastructure used for transporting resources are of prime importance to mining operators. UAVs are helping achieve considerable cost efficiencies compared to traditional manned flight. The development of long-distance fixed-wing UAVs with efficient power systems is attracting organisation such as Philex into testing and trailing the technology with a view to widespread adoption.

Innovations in smaller multi-rotor UAVs combined with developments in 3D mapping software allows for the quick and economical in-door and out-door mapping of quarries and mines across the globe. Once this data is collected, improved analysis techniques have resulted in improved insight into the early detection of landslides which is improving the safety for employees, as well as saving time and money across this sector.

Philex Mining Corporation Group Manager of Exploration Claro Jose C. Manipon will discuss how and why they are using UAVs at The Commercial UAV Show. His session will include:

  • Monitoring slopes and mine infrastructures during months of adverse climate: UAVs in synergy with ground monitoring systems
  • Monitoring movements of artisanal miners inside mine tenements of large companies: Exploration and environmental issues and how UAVs can help plan for mitigation or co-existence
  • The use of UAVs in complying with government requirements in maintaining mining tenement regulations: example from the Philippines

For the full Commercial UAV Show speaker line up please visit the website and download the programme.

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