Using UAVs in smart city construction

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The notion of a truly smart city is a fashionable topic among governments of developed countries, and increasingly, developing countries too. Using sensors and real time monitoring systems,  it is possible to process and analyse data collected in real time to enhance quality, performance, and interactivity of urban services while reducing the costs and consumption, creating a better life for citizens. Technologically advanced countries such as Spain, Denmark, Dubai, Japan, South Korea and Singapore are all now looking into using IOT in building smart cities, and indeed some are already well on their way.

While IOT is the key to building a smart city, other emerging technologies such as UAVs can also play a role in providing real time monitoring information, helping to bring innovative ideas to life and accelerating the development of connected systems. For example, UAVs can help in monitoring environmental hazards and pollution, traffic management, and construction site mapping, all of which contribute greatly to the development of any smart city. However, issues such as safety, privacy and ethical uses in densely populated regions remain as a concern in connecting UAVs as part of the smart city IOT solution.


Ben Chung, Center Lead at Cisco’s Global Center of Excellence works in Cisco’s Digital Transformation & Innovation Centre team, where he is focused on bringing innovative ideas to life and accelerating the development of smart cities in South Korea & Asia Pacific Regions. By building a cloud based system for the city, UAVs can be used both in the construction of the city and also as part of the digital management of the city for traffic mapping and surveillance, allowing city management to make real-time decisions based on real-time data. Ben will share his latest work at The Commercial UAV Show Asia 2016 in Singapore this 1-2 September.

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