Why miners are choosing UAVs over manned aircraft

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Mining and exploration companies in natural disaster prone regions, such as the Philippines and Chile often face operational challenges, ranging from severe storms to security threats. From land use conflicts, geologic hazards and adverse human activities, UAVs can help to provide essential information for operators to optimise their operations.

The lack of good qualified contractors and expensive surveillance cost in manned aircraft missions in the Philippines are just two of the reasons why miners are exploring UAVs as an alternative to using manned aircraft for mapping and surveillance, as shared by Claro Jose Manipon, Senior Geologist at Philex Mining Corporation, a company ranked by Forbes as Asia’s 200 Best Under A Billion (2012). However, flying an UAV for commercial usage is not as simple as can be imagined. For examples, miners need to consider the type of scientific payloads to be used, which weight differently and can potentially affect UAVs’ endurance and altitude; or the next action point to analyse data collected from the field in making the most informed decisions.


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